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Privacy Policy

Shopping online can be risky sometimes owing to the activities of internet fraudsters but with ABC Necklace, you have nothing to fear because it is quite safe. The personal details such as name, payment information and contact that you will be required to provide us when you are registering in our site will not get to any other person. At ABC Necklace, we protect our customers' information. It is our utmost priority to protect the personal data of jewelry shoppers in our site. ABC Necklace use the information you provide only for promotional reasons and record keeping.

We track your activities on our site using cookies. The cookies help to maintain your record on our site. In this way, you do not have to register again anytime you visit our site. The cookies helps to save your time, makes our site user-friendly and also makes it possible for us to enhance your shopping experience in our site as it helps us to track your activities so that we will be able to customize the pages you visit frequently. The placement of cookies in our customers' computers are acceptable practices in online business. If you browse our site, you agree that we place the cookies on your computers. You will be able to disable the cookies from your browser if you like.

But we do not reveal, trade, transfer or share any of the personal details you provide us when you are registering in our site to any third party no matter the circumstance. They are strictly confidential and for internal use. Note that not even all the members of our staff have access to these details.

Link to third party sites

ABC Necklace has links to other sites belonging to other businesses. These sites have terms and conditions as well as privacy policies that are different from ours. We do not have control over what happens or what is obtainable in those sites. So, if you enter any site through the link provided in our site, the privacy policies of the site you entered become effective and we are no longer responsible for anything that happens in that site. However, we only accept links from reliable businesses and advertisers. Besides, we do not provide our advertisers with personal information of a particular customer. We only provide them with general information in the form of statistics to enable them determine where to place their ads.

Information Security

We go the extra mile to guard against any unauthorized access, destruction, alteration and disclosure of data. The measures we take include internal data collection review, processing and storage practices, proper encryption and restriction of access to our systems only to authorized personnels and other security measures. Our database is properly secured and controlled and all information obtained from our clients are stored there. The servers in which the information is stored are not only password-protected but they are secured behind firewalls. However, despite these strict security measures that we have taken, we cannot guarantee that nobody will be able to intercept the information you will provide for us when it is being transmitted to our database via the internet. Thus, we cannot guarantee you 100% database security.