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Customer Care

ABC Necklace is customer oriented and we go the extra mile in satisfying our customers. One of the measures we have taken to ensure customer satisfaction is providing reliable customer care services. We are quite aware that shoppers may encounter some problem, have some concerns, questions to ask or inquiries to make. To ensure that our customers' confusions and concerns are taken care of, we have built a strong care unit that works round the clock in order to provide solutions to our clients.

You can also make any complaint to our support and the issue will be treated accordingly. The members of customer care unit are well trained, professionals, friendly and polite in their dealing with our customers. They are highly knowledgeable with our products, terms and conditions and thus, they will provide you with reliable information about any aspect of our business.

Feel free to contact our support team by "support@abcnecklace.com" or click the 'contact us' page.