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About Us

ABC Necklace is an online shop of a variety of topnotch and quality hand-made jewelry, name necklace, name bracelets, monogram earrings with top quality sterling silver, monogram necklace and others. Whether you are looking for a necklace or a ring suitable for wedding or just a type suitable for casual outing, evening party or office, you will find something that will meet your requirement in our online collections of jewelry.

Though, there are other jewelry businesses in China, but we have always made the difference in the industry. We pride ourselves in selling quality jewelry of different kinds to meet different needs. To ensure that our customers never left our site disappointed, we keep updating our site regularly with newest styles and designs of jewelry from top rated designers and brand names. So, if you are looking for quality jewelry made with top rated gemstone, look no further than in our site.

Definitely, you will want to buy quality jewelry be it bracelets, earrings, necklace, belts, or rings at the most competitive price. This is exactly what you get in our site. Though, all products are of outstanding quality, we sell them at the most affordable price you will find elsewhere considering their quality. So, buying from us is like killing two birds with one stone. In other words, you will cut cost on your purchase and make money from the products if you are reselling them.

Are you selling jewelry in any part of the world? If the answer to the above question is yes, ABC Necklace is the right site to buy from. Unlike most jewelry dealers in China, we accept orders from any part of the world including the US, the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and others. The good news is that we provide free shipping for our client that choose our standard shipping option. Though, our express shipping option is charged but you are required to pay only a token. Besides, we use the best shipping companies in the world. So, there is nothing to fear because nothing will happen to your order.

We do not only retail our products, there are also opportunity for wholesalers to buy from us. We have designed efficient wholesale program to enable our wholesale buyer to use our drop shop feature to send items directly from us to their customers. With this program, they will be able to cut cost on shipping, save time and make more money.

At ABC Necklace, we acknowledge the fact that we are not God. We are not like some other businesses that claim above human mistake. This is why we offer refund to our client in event of manufacturer error or mistaken shipment. Check our refund and exchange policy for details.

Why you should buy from us

We accept orders from any part of the world.

ABC Necklace has wide assortment of different kinds of jewelry to suit different needs and budget.

Our products are sold at competitive prices.

We have a user-friendly site as well as friendly team.

We accept any order both wholesale and retail.

ABC Necklace has efficient customer care representative.

Items are professionally packaged making them suitable for gift giving.

We sell quality jewelry that will last for ages.

We offer customized necklace.

We offer clients the best services in order to deliver a pleasant buying experience. All of our jewelry made of pure sterling silver 0.925, and the customized jewelry can be with 24K gold plated, platinum plated, or rose gold plated.