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Monogram Gifts for the Holidays

Posted by Jeniffer C on

You know the person on your list – that one who owns just about every kitchen gadget, piece of technology, and trendy piece of clothing in existence. You want to give them something that will really pop and show them you truly care. A monogrammed gift is the perfect choice – personalized with their initials, a monogram necklace, bracelet, ring, or even earrings will put a smile on the face of even the most difficult-to-impress loved ones on your list!

Choose from a Wide Selection

ABCNecklace.com offers a selection of monogrammed jewelry pieces to fit anyone on your Christmas list. Our rings are bold and beautiful, can be customized with up to three letters and are available in luscious .925 sterling silver, plated with radiant 24k gold, and plated with a unique rose gold.

Our monogram pendants are available in your choice of brilliant sterling silver or plated with classic yellow 24k gold. Choose from gorgeous, swirling, iconic monogram letters or a set of three letters surrounded by either a circle or a sweetheart shape. Next, decide on a rolo or box chain in lengths ranging from 14-22”. This means that you can indulge nearly everyone on your holiday list – from children to adults – with one of these heart-touching, personalized gifts.

If bracelets are what your recipients crave, we’ve got that covered too. Choose from sterling silver, classic gold-plated, or metal plated with unique pink-hued rose gold. Our monogram bracelets come in lengths from 6.5-7.5”, and come with three personalized letters of your choice.

For an extra unique gift, choose from our sterling silver, gold plated, and rose gold plated monogram earrings. These charming earrings come on fishhook backs, and offer the choice of three initials. Earrings are a surefire way to put a huge smile on the face of your daughter, sister, or best friend.

Order with Confidence

ABCNecklace sources quality jewelry and customizes it to your preferences. We offer safe, secure online ordering and payment, and we accept all major credit cards, or for your convenience you can pay with PayPal if you choose. We offer a 60-day return policy just in case there’s an error or your jewelry is defective in some way.

When it comes to privacy, you have nothing to worry about ABCNecklace takes the privacy of your personal information seriously and never sells or otherwise distributes your details to any third parties.

You can’t go wrong with the gift of monogrammed jewelry. Whether giving a custom silver necklace, a gold-plated monogram bracelet, or a beautiful pair of monogrammed earrings, you’re sure to be rewarded with a smile that says, “Thank you for the thoughtful gift”. Give something different this year with a monogram gift for the holidays (or a birthday or anniversary!) – perfect for all the special women on your list!

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