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Get in on the Celebrity Necklace Craze!

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They’re everywhere – from Charlize Theron’s delicate little gold “J”, worn around her neck to represent her son Jackson, to the notorious Kourtney Kardashian’s magnolia-shaped gold charm adorned with an “M” for son Mason (with his birthday engraved on the back) – initial, monogram, and name necklaces abound in Hollywood and beyond.

It All Started with Carrie

The name necklace is enjoying a particularly vigorous period of popularity just now, but it really all began way back in the late ‘90s with a brand new show called “Sex and the City”. Fans of the show know that in season six, main character Carrie Bradshaw thought she lost her name necklace – just a simple gold necklace made in the shape of her name, in bold cursive letters.


The trend gradually started building steam (more than it ever had in its heyday back in the ‘80s) and over the years other celebrities decided to join in the fun, wearing everything from letters to names around their necks (the vast majority using the stylish jewelry as a way to keep their children “close to their heart”).

Who’s Who in the World of Celebrity Necklaces?

So which big Hollywood names have jumped into the custom name necklace fray? Katie Holmes (Tom Cruise’s ex-wife) for one – she wears a gold disc or coin style stamped with daughter Suri’s initial.

Naomi Watts, actress wife of actor Liev Schreiber, sports an intricate combination of a flower key in rose gold engraved with the handsome Liev’s name, alongside yellow gold dog tags that bear the names of her sons Sasha and Kai. Watts’ unique celebrity necklace is topped off with a yellow gold fly (yes, as in the airborne bug!).

Actress Christina Applegate can be seen with a charming yellow gold nameplate style around her neck. The classic piece bears Applegate’s daughter Sadie’s name in beautiful script.

N is for Nahla – the daughter of the always classy Halle Berry. The actress wears a matte yellow gold initial to represent her little girl.

While Jessica Alba has two daughters, she can get away with just one yellow gold initial pendant – “H” – because the gorgeous actress’s little ones are named Honor and Haven.

Jump on the Wagon

Now, these fashion-forward, quirky celebrity necklaces are available to anyone and everyone! ABCNecklace.com offers the famous Carrie style in name necklaces, bracelets, and rings. We also carry a wide variety of other styles, like stamped disc and bar pendants, monogram gifts, and initial necklaces.

Don’t miss out on the enduring yet wildly popular fashion statement of the name necklace. While it’s trendy now, personalized gifts are timeless and classic in their elegance, and never go out of style. Get one for yourself, your mother, your daughter, or your best friend. You’ll be the most popular guest of the holiday season!

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