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The History of Lockets

Posted by Jeniffer C on

Lockets have enjoyed great significance throughout human history. While their use may have begun as early as the Medieval Times, our knowledge of their widespread popularity begins in Victorian Times, when they became a popular method of carrying a memento of a loved one – often deceased.
People would place a lock of hair, a tiny painting, or another little item of remembrance inside, such as a scrap of the deceased’s clothing, so they could carry the reminder close to their heart. This trend is thought to have been started by Queen Victoria upon the loss of her husband Albert. Lockets were also used as tiny containers for anything from herbal remedies to poison.
From the Civil War through WWII, the wives, girlfriends, and fiancées back at home would carry a photo of their beloved soldier in their lockets. They were so popular that they were even sold inside post offices, and often bore a patriotic design.
A Continued Love Affair
Today these classic jewelry pieces have become popular once again, frequently being worn as statement pieces in big, bold designs, and hung from everything from regular jewelry chains to decorative cords and ribbons.
You can now have your own locket from ABCNecklace.com. Our Sterling Silver Filigree Locket Pendant is a fun and stylish play on the traditional locket. This pendant is made in beautiful sterling silver and the inside is inlaid with tiny cubic zirconia that catch the light at every turn. The cover plate is decorated with intricate cutouts that allow you to see through to the inside just a little bit. You could place a photo or other flat item inside, or you could wear it just the way it is. The pendant is a bold 1.5” across, and is hung on an 18” rolo chain.

The return of lockets onto the fashion scene offers a unique and nostalgic way to express your sense of fashion. Your sterling silver filigree locket necklace is sure to become a conversation piece that will capture the attention of everyone who sees it.
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