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Crown Rings Are Fit for a Princess

Posted by Jeniffer C on

The use of a crown as a symbol in jewelry is most commonly associated with the Irish Claddagh. Jewelry makers first started creating these pieces with a combination of a heart, hands, and sometimes a crown, in the 17th and 18th century, with the crowned version becoming popular in 18th century England. The crown in a ring represents loyalty, making it the perfect symbolic gift for anyone in your life – a close friend, your significant other, or a beloved family member.
Crowns are also a universal symbol of royalty, which makes a crown ring from ABCNecklace.com the perfect gift for your princess. Whether for a daughter who’s into all things princess, or for your girlfriend who loves to be treated like royalty, these intricate, ornate pieces will put a smile on her face and show her that you really do think of her as a princess.
Our Sterling Silver Zircon Crown Ring is truly a work of jewelry art. The ornately cut design is embellished with fancy swirls, and the ring is inlaid with six brilliant, sparkling cubic zirconia. The intricately detailed beading along the edges adds to the rich, expensive feel of the ring without adding to the price. This stunning piece will make her feel like a true princess, and with the versatility of silver she’ll be able to show it off every day, no matter what she’s wearing.

For a more understated look, choose our Sterling Silver Heart Crown Ring. Six perfectly cut, embellished hearts lie along the beautifully fluted edge of this striking piece, forming the look of a crown. It is crafted in high quality gleaming yet durable .925 sterling silver, and like all our rings is available in all of the hardest to find sizes from 3 to 14, including half sizes.
The Perfect Ring for any Occasion
These gorgeous crown rings are perfect for any gift-giving occasion. Give one to your girlfriend as a sign of your love and devotion. Is your daughter having a Sweet 16 celebration? The crown ring makes an ideal accessory to go with her special party dress. Add our Sterling Silver Crown Pendant with its shimmering rose crystal to complete the look, turning your sweet girl into a true princess for her special night.
Buy with Confidence
At ABCNecklace.com we know that ordering online can be nerve-wracking. Will the item arrive undamaged? Will your information be protected from would-be thieves and annoying spam-producing third parties? Will you be able to get a response if there’s a problem with your item?
We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer care, and we treat every order as if it’s our only one. You can make special requests and we will meet them to the best of our abilities. You will also enjoy free shipping to almost anywhere on earth, and you have our iron-clad guarantee that we will never sell your information to a third party. We make your jewelry shopping as easy and stress-free as possible, so order with confidence today.

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