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Couple Rings as Promise Rings

Posted by Jeniffer C on

The history of promise rings goes back thousands of years – even dating back to the times of Greek mythology, when people believed the gods controlled everything from the weather to human fate. Zeus forced Prometheus – upon his release from tortured captivity – to wear a ring made the links of his chain, embedded with a piece of the rock to which he had been fastened.
Over time rings took on meanings associated with romantic relationships. In the 15th-17th centuries these rings were called “posie” rings, and were frequently engraved with sweet love poems. These rings were used as symbols of affection, and may have even acted as early promise rings, indicating the giver’s intention to eventually marry the receiver.
Modern Day Meaning
The term “promise ring” seems to be a recent invention, only in the past few decades, however the phrase has taken on significant meaning in the gifting of jewelry. These couple rings are often worn by the female, but sometimes both halves of the couple will wear them.
Promise rings can serve as a commitment between monogamous couples with no intention to marry, or they can serve as a symbol of the couple’s intention to marry at some point in the future, without expressly being an engagement ring.
ABCNecklace.com carries a variety of couple rings that can serve as perfect, romantic promise rings. Our sterling silver engraved “Forever Love” set is elegant in its simplicity. The “O”s in the words are sparkling cubic zirconia for an understated expensive look. This set shows the world you belong to each other and is the ideal symbol of your unending devotion.

Our “Best Love” set is another beautiful couple ring option. Crafted in highly polished .925 sterling silver, both rings are engraved with the romantic declaration, with a twinkling colorless cubic zirconia set between the words. Show the world your love is the best with these stylish rings.

To share your commitment to each other during the season of love and good cheer, we’re proud to offer this sterling silver “Merry Christmas” couple ring set. Wear them during the holidays instead of your wedding rings, or wear them on your right hands whether you’re married or unmarried. These sweet engraved couple rings adorned with stars will captivate your family and friends and become the conversation pieces of the season.

Surprise your mate this Valentine’s Day, or for their birthday or any gift-giving occasion, with a romantic couple ring set from ABCNecklace.com. We make it beautiful and affordable to give your love fine jewelry that will light up their face and provide a physical reminder of your love and devotion every single day.
With ABCNecklace.com, you’ll enjoy a secure ordering system, attentive customer service, free shipping, and our guarantee to never sell or give away your personal details. Shop with peace of mind and give the gift of love.

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